308 - 3 oz and 4 oz Snack Packs
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 Capture the Impulse Sale!

 Easy and Convenient way to introduce your customer to a new product.

 Put near your counter on a clip strip we will provide, capture that last sale before they check out!

 Great treat for that dog on the go!

  • A recent survey in the UK showed that 40% of sales are impulse sales
  • Capture the impulse sale when your customer visits your store.
  • Product placement encourages impulse sales.
  • Place this impulse sale strip near your checkout counter.
  • The impulse sales decision is usually made in less than 15 seconds.
  • Customers that make a small purchase become emotionally committed to the product.
  • They will come back to your store again when they find something their dog loves.
  • The average person will spend over $110,000 on impulsive purchases in their lifetime.
  • Direct them to products they will return to buy.
  • Recurring sales is the strongest business model.
  • Item #: 308

308 - 3 oz and 4 oz Snack Packs

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