Line of Life Cod Jerky
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Line of Life Cod

  • SINGLE INGREDIENT Alaskan Cod jerky treat your dog will love
  • LINE CAUGHT, WILD, SUSTAINABLE Alaskan Cod no fillers or chemicals
  • A CRUNCHY Fish Jerky Treat for Dogs
  • GREAT TASTE,  BREAKABLE, a texture they will love, more protein than other treats
  • KONA'S CHIPS dog treats are made in the USA only because quality matters to your dog too

• A great natural treat for Dogs,  taste they crave

• Line Caught - Wild Alaskan Cod

• A New Product Made in the USA

• Made from a 100% certified sustainable Alaskan fishery

• A quality high protein boosting treat for your dog, nutrition in every bite

• This treat provides an extremely better balance for your dog's nutritional needs instead of starch and carb based processed treats that are so common these days

• Rich in nutrients that your dog needs and loves. They need no refrigeration

• High protein, low in fat and carbs

• Made in the USA

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Line of Life Cod Jerky

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